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BBB Accredited Trish Whitsell is an artist and designer in Arkansas. She is best known for her design company, Beautifully Done; which ranks amongst the highest rated design companies in NWA. After nine years in business, this lady has you covered! She is also well known for her hand painted commissioned art on gallery wrapped canvases using any medium. She is a talented artist who is capable of painting anything that is commissioned work. One of the few artist who paint with both her hands, collectors of her work love this little known fact. Oil paintings that are textured, and stunning. Acrylic paintings that are textured and absolutely beautiful. Water Color paintings that are classy, stylish and beautifully done. Average cost of her work is $1,500. Although she does paint on smaller canvases, the average size of one of her canvases are 36x48 to 48x60.


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Hand Painted Canvases
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Textured Hand Painted
Family Owned and Operated by even our youngest family member...
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Custom made furniture designed by Trish Whitsell and made by Rowland Whitsell
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