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PEARL is a licensed and duly formed organization, ceremonially acknowledged by the Governor and authorized to provide education, training, resources and other services for the Benton County Drug Court and its programs. We provide a variety of services on behalf of the court, allowing us to support eligible participants as well as staff, counselors and all ancillary services. We work closely with the local and state government – executive and judicial branches – to facilitate resources and support. Within the Drug Court, we contribute to alternative court staffing, including more sophisticated education for counselors and court personnel. We can help ensure court personnel have access to the latest training and most effective resources. Counselors can pursue the certifications they need to better support recovering addicts as they work toward meaningful and lasting change. We also provide resources for the court itself to better assist the participants, including funding and materials for graduation ceremonies and certifications. Recovery is an ongoing struggle, however, and many individuals face employment, housing or custody challenges during or after completing the Drug Court program. By working closely with the Benton County Drug Court, we give counselors and other personnel the ability to refer participants to one of the other programs we support, such as transitional living assistance. While we primarily support the Benton County Drug Court, we are always looking for ways to maximize our impact.


  • Recovery Resources
  • Supportive Services
  • Education
  • Alternative Courts


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